Song Period Lyrics Live Notes
Ziua Vrajitoarelor Indies Zane Rains 1st Festival Written by Zane as a joke after a few puffs for his sister, Aine took it very seriously feel in love with it, decided it should be the opening for their upcoming tour
Tream me like your Mother Indies Aine/ Zane Rains 1st Festival Play between the twins, plays like a dialogue, the joke is their twins so obv Aine looks like his sister/ mother father brother
I want to rule the world Indies Aine Rains 1st Festival
Toxicity Indies Aine/ Zane Rains 1st Festival
You should see me in a crown Indies Aine Concert Arenele Romane
Bad to the Bone Indies cover Concert Arenele Romane Zane sings this one
Renegades Pre- Indies Aine/ Zane Festival Constanta This was written by the twins at 16, they played it in that talent show
Believer Major Zane / Written by Zane kind of an answer to the whole band trying to get him back on his feet after his split up with Ayame
Radioactive Revolution Tour Collab / Written during their world tour in the war areas
Love and War Revolution Tour Aine / It’s a mix kinda sang to the audience but also parts about Aine’s feelings for her family and lover
Thunder Indies Zane Constanta “Immature” sarcastic Zane
Six Days Revolution Tour Collab They play it at the end of the concert, before the speech / Also used in the footage/ campaign video they make after the tour
Muddy Waters Major Aine / Aine writes this song for her brother, sings it on stage for the first time “This is a public appology”. Zane hugs her kisses her hair, they slowly work on getting better from there
Uprising Revolution Tour Collab /
Toxic Japan Aine Tokyo Dome She writes it for Tatsumi
Cine iubeste si lasa Japan Cover Tokyo Dome Aine plays it as the traditional song of the concert, makes a whole voodoo show, flexes her voice
I wanna be your slave Japan Aine Tokyo Dome She writes it for Tatsumi
When I get home Japan Aine Tokyo Dome She doesn’t even tell the band about this she plays it before the break, puts up a show
Constantine, Constantine Indies Cover They play one traditional song in every concert, it’s different, kinda jam session, live
Hevay is the crown Japan Zane Tokyo Dome it’s about struggling with alcohol