SCENE 1 [ Summary: Twin orphans try to steal from foreigner Tatsumi on Lipscani in 1999. He catches them, they get food but run away]

SCENE 2 [ Summary: Tatsumi attends an end of Uni party with his then-girlfriend who he dumps]

SCENE 3 [ Summary: Returning he finds the twins nearly frozen under a street lamp, takes them home. A plan is starting to form]

SCENE 4 [ Summary: Tatsumi asks his friend, Marius if it’s possible to make adoption papers for the kids. He wants to take them home in Japan]

SCENE 5 [ Twins agree to his proposal, Marius comes back with the papers, turns out he was an orphan too, convinces the kids Tatsumi is a good guy]

SCENE 6 [ They fly to Japan, Tatsumi’s friend is waiting for them at the airport, they are shown the Hada mansion and get terrified that it’s hunted]

SCENE 7 [ The twins and Tatsumi live with Masaki until the mansion can be fixed. Christmas is coming and Tatsumi takes them to meet his elder sister, who apparently kept his inheritance from him on a contract that said he would get it when he is the responsible head of a family]

SCENE 8 [ New year’s eve 1999 everything is changing for the kids]

SCENE 9 [ The works on the mansion are nearly at a point where its inhabitable, Masaki convinces Tatsumi to go see his biological daughter. Turns out he is a father, but he never believed that the kid is his. Sees the 6-year-old girl, is immediately convinced she is his]

SCENE 10 [ Tatsumi and the kids move alone, at the mansion. He teaches them how to be responsible. They resist responsibilities at first and become quite the brats]

SCENE 11 [ They make their tutor quit and Tatsumi has a very very angry reaction to that, threatens them they will be back on the street if they don’t change their behavior. In the morning he shows them the burned down part of the estate, tells them it will be theirs one day but he expects them to work with him]

SCENE 12 [ Christmas 2000, Tatsumi brings Ayame home for the first time, Zane loves her but Aine is jelous and becomes insecure. Tatsumi reassures her that she’s special to him and he would appreciate if she became a role modle for Ayame]

SCENE 13 [ They start school at the Academy, get bullied, get in trouble but are afraid to tell Tatsumi. He sits them down and reassures them that they are and always will be Hadas, always have a spot by his side]

SCENE 14 [ 6 year time skip, they’re 17, last year Academy students, very popular. Ayame is also in the same school with them. Aine gets in trouble for being caught smoking with a teacher, gets detention and sent home early, on a Thursday]

SCENE 15 [ Masaki drives Aine home, he offers to let her stay with him and his new wife as Tatsumi was in a delegation. She refuses but when she gets home hears noises, finds Tatsumi with a woman in his office. The woman is tied, and Aine sees as he tells her to open her mouth and she replies ‘Yes sir’]

SCENE 16 [ Aine is irrationally angry with the scene, she acts out at Tatsumi, when her brother comes home and she confies in him, he shows her she’s being ridiculous so she goes to Tatsumi’s office to appologise. He forgives her and she hugs him but notices how he reacts subtly when her breasts crush against his arm]

SCENE 17 [ Christmas 2006, Aine has written a play for the Academy festival, it’s a reenactment of Romeo and Julliet but with local Japanese lore – kitsune and youkais and all that. Ayame has a small role, she acts like a robot. They return in separate cars – Ayame and Zane with Masaki and Mariko and little Kazuya, Aine with Tatsumi]

SCENE 18 [ At the Christmasy dinner, Tatsumi proposes that Masaki and Mariko move to the estate and asks Masaki to oversee a slow repopulation of the area by convincing other young clan members to come live there]

SCENE 19 [ New Year’s Eve, Tatsumi reveals to Aine and Zane that he has an invitation for the wedding of Marius and Simona, back in Romania. Zane doesn’t want to go, Aine convinces him]

SCENE 20 [ In Romania they visit Lipscani, go to the old Gyros place where he bought them food that night. Aine wants to go confront all her past demons, including the orphenage. Tatsumi convinces her there’s nothing to gain from it, just more demons]

SCENE 21 [ The church wedding is a bit of a cultural shock, but at the party Zane immediately clicks with a group of young people. Aine choses to stay back with Tatsumi, so sees Simona come to the table to greet them. When he asks her if everything went allright with the ceremony, she responds ‘Yes sir’, blushes. He smirks and places a kiss on her cheek, whispers ‘Good girl’. Marius appears, exctatic to have his old friend there, drags Tatsumi to drink with everyone]

SCENE 22 [ Tatsumi is back in his room, tipsy leaning towards drunk. Aine comes to his room, telling him Zane brought a girl to their room, asks to stay with him. Pours him a glass of whiskey, when he tells her he wants ice she’s all ‘Yes sir’. He warns her not to play, sends her to shower and change. She comes back very indecent]

SCENE 23 [ In his drunk mind, Tatsumi decides to give Aine a lesson, show her he’s not that easy to impress. Tells her to show him. She takes his shirt off but when he sees her glorious breasts, he shortcircuits and they end up having very very intense sex in the arm chair]

SCENE 24 [ Back in Japan, they act like nothing happened. Aine was supposed to go to Europe on a trip with Masaki, Mariko, Zane and Ayame but the night before, announces at the dinner that she doesn’t want to go because she changed her university major to politics and wants to study with Tatsumi]

SCENE 25 [ After the rest leave, and they’re left alone, Tatsumi confronts her, tells her nothing is going to happen, and tells her to get a boyfriend. He goes out with Maya who tries to set him up with a woman. He takes the woman to a hotel, fucks with her to mess with Maya for trying to pull strings but also make a point with Aine]

SCENE 26 [ Aine becomes territorial as he comes home in the morning. His plan backfires and ends up fucking her against the kitchen table]

SCENE 27 [ Two weeks later, they’ve been fucking daily. He goes to have dinner with Maya again, Aine joins him, stands up to her aunt just for his attention. On the taxi drive back, they act quite like lovers, there’s incredible sexual energy between them]

SCENE 28 [ Another week later, Aine receives the results from her bar exam. She scored nearly perfect, Tatsumi is proud of her and that titles all her little purry fox self. He announces he has to go on a business trip in a few days. As a reward for her result, she demands to go with him]

SCENE 29 [ First day of the business trip, Tatsumi has a lot of meetings. He comes back furious that Maya video conferenced into the meeting. He comes back fuming, absolutely furious, downing a glass of whiskey.  Aine actually calms him down, convinces him to lay down with her, places his head in her lap and massages his temples. They end up talking for hours and fall asleep in the same bed for the first time]

SCENE 30 [ Feeling more confident, Aine starts asking more about the rope, and the Simona, makes him tell her about that. She says she wants him to show her. He caresses her cheek, kisses her and tells her she’s too much of a child and he cares too much for her to mess her like that]

SCENE 30 [ The trip has them acting more like lovers, they spend a lot of time together. On the last day, he tells her this was it, Zane, Masaki and Mariko would be home when they return. He tells her she can consider this a lesson on how a man is supposed to treat her. She is hurt, burries her head in his neck but agrees, nods, says she’ll be good]

SCENE 31 [ They return home and Aine really tries to be good. There’s crazy tension between them but she behaves, wanting to prove her point to him that he can trust her. But one day Zane is gone to take Ayame for ice cream and theme park, Masak and Mariko are gone, so Aine comes to Tatsumi’s office to bring him a coffee and he just grabs her completely out of control, kissing her until she’s out of breath. He says ‘I missed you’ against her neck as he’s already pulling on her clothes. They have amazing mind blowing sex]

SCENE 32 [ A week or two later they’re having a family dinner for the twin’s bday, with everyone, including Masaki and Mariko. The twin’s acceptance letters have arrived. They open them, Zane was admited to Osaka University, Aine to L.A. She goes white, asks why, what’s happening. Tatsumi tells her he decided it’s good for her to be more independent. He played an UNO Reverse card on her, doing what she did when she announced she is changing majors by revealing this in front of everyone]

SCENE 33 [ Aine comes to his office shaken. She cries, he hugs her, and tells her this is for the best, that she needs to grow up. She’s at the age when she doesn’t know what she really wants, she might decide she’s gay in a year or two. She grabs his face, looks straight at him tells him that no matter what he does or how far he sends her she’ll prove him that she knows what she wants, and she only wants him]

SCENE 34 [ First day of school for Aine, she meets Fei, half romanian crazy dyke, they immediately click. Well Fei clicks more]

SCENE 35 [ Aine has been gone to L.A for close to 3 months, it’s nearly Christmas holidays. She calls Tatsumi, she had a bit too much to drink at a party so she breaks down on the phone. Tells him she wants to quit school, she will take a year off. Tells him she tried to stay way from him but she can’t, she misses him, she needs him. She’s very vulnerable, he calms her down, tells her to go to sleep]

SCENE 36 [ Aine wakes up in the middle of the day to a hangover, and an email informing her all her tickets home have been canceled. She calls the airport they tell her Mr Hada canceled them. She realizes what Tatsumi did and she has a complete break down, screams in pure anger and frustration ‘You fucking coward’. Calls Fei. She gets pissed drunk, has sex with Fei. The next morning she finds 3 missed calls from Tatsumi, hovers over call back…then she deletes them all]

SCENE 37 [ It’s summer, Tatsumi is with Zane, just the two of them having breakfast. He asks him to convince his sister to come home for summer. Zane asks him again what happened, why Aine won’t talk to him, Tatsumi dismisses it so Zane tries to call his sister but she doesn’t even wanna hear of home. When informed about the result Tatsumi tells Zane he’s bought him tickets to go to LA for the summer]

SCENE 38 [ Twins reunion, Aine came with Fei to pick Zane up. She straight out tells him they’re gonna party. Zane is all damn yeah, but it turns out that’s all his sister does and he starts worrying for her. They have a talk and he confronts her about her lifestyle and spending. She smirks darkly and is like let me tell you a story brother. He had a plane home next day.]

SCENE 40 [ When Zane returns home he’s furious, really really angry, he goes straight to Tatsumi we need to talk. Tatsumi takes out a bottle of whiskey, two glasses and he’s like alright, I will tell you. He explains to Zane from man to man how he messed up and he was trying to fix it by putting time and distance between them]

SCENE 41 [ Aine calls her brother to see the aftermath of destruction. She was really hoping to hurt Tatsumi with this, because she knew Zane is like his right hand. But Zane tells her he understands why Tatsumi did what he did and she needs to think about it from a mature and objective point of view, reminds her that the man literally saved their lives. She is furious, curses him, tells him he’s an idiot]

SCENE 42 [ Under Tatsumi’s guidance, Zane accepts to finish his studies in Romania. He lives in the same apartment Tatsumi had when he met them, starts a weird friendship with the old land lady who tells him stories about young Tatsumi. He meets Jan and Adi in university, they become really close friends. He also volunteers at the orphanage where he and Aine grew up, going there once a month to teach the kids robotics with his friends. Conditions are much better and the country has changed a lot.

SCENA 42 a [ All of a sudden Aine decides to unexpectedly answer Tatsumi’s call. Tatsumi is completely unprepared and he is taken by surprise. From now on she keeps answering hsi calls and they slowly fall into a flirty/ friendly relationship ]

SCENA 42 b [Tatsumi tells Aine that he is engaged ( Aine is the first person he tells aware that she might find out from someone else and that would not sit well with the young woman. ) She reveals she knew he had a gf from Ayame but never thought it was that serious. She jokes about it but from now on she sometimes avoids his calls hiding the fact that it affected her so badly.]

SCENE 43 [ In 2013, Aine is 24 comes back home after graduation and masters degree. She brings Fei with her, her long term open relationship. Fei sells everything to come with her, they rent an apartment together.]

SCENE 44 [ Aine and Fei stay at the estate for a week as they finalize their apartment lease and all the papers. Fei is passive aggressive with Tatsumi, at least tries, he intimidates her with a few looks. Despite what Aine was hoping Tatsumi seems willing to accept her relationship and this really displeases her ]

SCENE 46 [ Displeased with his lack of reaction and jealousy, Aine follows him in his office that night. They last a grand total of 11 hours under the same roof before they end up having…very mature, explosive sex. And it makes what they had when she was a kid seem like foreplay. She’s very possessive/ dominant, wanting to show what a grown woman experienced woman she is now]

SCENE 47 [ After sex he wants to talk to her but she dismisses it, says it’s just sex and there’s nothing to discuss ]

SCENE 48 [ The next day she is uncharacteristically close to Fei, sitting in her lap, kissing and acting like they’re madly in love. Fei is suspicious of this, but Aine turns it around, telling her this was supposed to be a fresh start and Fei’s paranoia is ruining it for them]

SCENE 49 [ A few days after moving in with Fei, Ain calls Tatsumi and insists to have dinner to meet Tatsumi’s fiancé,  a ‘double date’ with her and Fei. He refuses her telling her it’s not the time or place for such things, she tells him not to flatter himself, she is over him and wants to sincerely congratulate him]

SCENE 50 [  At dinner she drives Tatsumi insane with subtle flirting – she has a very low cut blouse and she attacks the fiancé smartly but constantly. Reaching his boiling point, Tatsumi leaves the table to go calm down and have a smoke – even though he technically quit a long time ago. Aine follows him and they end up having very rough sex against a wall]

SCENE 51 [ Back home Fei is highly suspicious, they start fighting and in their struggle, Fei pulls Aine’s shirt, revealing her bruised breast. The bruise is fresh and finger shaped. They split up]

SCENE 52 [ Aislin goes to the estate, Taiyo tells her she can live in her brother’s house, closes door in her nose. Zane comes in the morning, finds her asleep on the plastic covered couch they spend the day setting the home up and just being siblings and together]

SCENE 53 [Zane sees Fei, convinces her to try a gig instead of leaving Japan right away. Fei asks for Maria’s number playing it cool when he wouldn’t believe her that Aislin and Taiyo fucked]

SCENE 54 [ Maria – Taiyo scene, she tells him about how Fei called her for a coffee and what Fei told her. He asks her what does she think, she tells him that she told Fei that she has absolute trust in him. Then, after a long, awkward break – they were having breakfast; she asks him if he thinks maybe she should try, if he thinks there’s any chance. He says that there’s no space in his head for anyone else.]

SCENE 55 [ Annoyed with the unfolding of events and being ignored, Aislin counters this by getting an internship to the Mayor’s office where Taiyo was collaborating as an advisor so he cannot escape her, she’s assigned to him. They share an office and end up having a lot of sex.]

SCENE 56 [ Aislin and Tayo have to attend a party together organized by the City Hall. Taiyo attends with his wife. fuming with anger, Aislin picks up some very high rated important mature guy. She spends the night with the man]

SCENE 57 [ Taiyo is waiting for her at her brother’s when she returns in the morning, he is drunk he’s been drinking all night waiting for her ( Zane was in some delegation). He’s really possessed all masks cracked, gets very violent with her demanding to know where the other man touched her. They have very angry sex, she ends up bruised and a bit hoarse from those fingers around her neck]

SCENE 58 [ When they wake up, Taiyo is bitter ‘Look what you’ve made me done, you’ll be the end of me. I’ll give you what you want then’ ( this is his breaking point) This is the moment he gives into their sexual relationship and shows her how he treated/ what he did with his women. But emotionally he raises the wall and he’s super cold]

SCENE 59 [ A few weeks later. She blames her actions on her bipolar disorder in a fight they have about how cold he became. He tells her that is just an excuse for her to hide behind, takes all her pills and throws them down the drain. Her reaction is to be all “Looks like we’ll see how real it is”]

SCENE 60 [ They have to go on a business trip together for the administration. She is completely out of balance here, they have a horrible fight about the wife where she’s completely manic. On the way back she gets behind the wheel and they’re still fighting, she wants to make a point of how crazy she is so she pulls on the wheel but loses control of the car. They crash]

SCENE 61 [ Aislin wakes up first, Taiyo not breathing she thinks she sees a ghost embracing him she screams grabs him shakes him back into consciousness]

SCENE 62 [ He wakes up, he’s hit his head pretty hard but is otherwise fine pulls out of the car hugs her they just stay like that, in the middle of the empty street. He makes some calls, takes care of it, no one ever knows about the accident even happening]

SCENE 63 [ Shaken, they have a very deep moment back home, he tells her he’ll eventually get a divorce, the truth about his marriage, and they’re together, realizing if they keep fighting it they’ll just hurt each other]

SCENE 64 [ They spend all their free time together, Maria turns out to be an actually amazing person really supportive and protective of them. Problem is, after a few weeks Taiyo starts getting really bad headaches, dizzy spells and even blank outs ]

SCENE 65 [ Zane comes home before Xmas, to find Aislin having a panic attack. She tells him about the car crash and they have dinner that night with Taiyo. He dennies anything is wrong with him but he has a bad episode during dinner]

SCENE 66 [ Zane doesn’t listen to reason anymore, he literally drags the man to their car and drives him to hospital. They find out the issue -> aneurism and the doctors reveal that it’s inoperable because of the size and positioning. It’s life threatening, quite literally kill him any moment. They would have to put him in an induced coma until it becomes manageable]

SCENE 67 [ Ais and Zane try to convince him he needs to sign the papers and let the doctors put him in the coma. Taiyo isn’t feeling well after that episode, he refuses but Ais has a breakdown with her brother there, doesn’t care about hiding anymore, she grabs his face crying, kisses him and  begs him to do it. Zane doesn’t comment on it, he’s somber but supportive, reassures Taiyo that they would take care of everything. Here we have the full circle moment of this is what he’s seen in the freezing kids on a street in Romania

SCENE 68 [ Zane calls Ame, tells her to get on a plane right away. She can’t find a plane, she’s crying, asks Zane to at least let her talk to her father, he wants to put him on the phone, but his condition deteriorates and he curses and has to close the phone]

SCENE 70 [ Masaki picks up Ame from Tokyo, drives her to Osaka Hospital but by the time they get there, Taiyo is already stabilized and put in the controlled coma. Ais is with him, but Zane takes care of Ame]

SCENE 71 [ 6 months later, Taiyo hasn’t woken up, his condition hasn’t improved.The twins are tired and overworked. Maya is visiting, the twins and Maria are there too. Maya tries to convince them to let them pull the plug, tells them that she saw his will, and they would greatly benefit from letting them go. The twins threaten to murder her]

SCENE 72 [ After this, in the hospital cafe Aislin meets Fei who came to visit, she’s doing well as a drummer in Japan. Maria comes down to tell Aislin about her schedule, she and Fei reconnect]

SCENE 73 [ Back in Tokyo, Ame is having a show down with her mother who is apparently hiring an army of lawyers to contest Taiyo’s will. Ame asks her mother what does she want her to do for Yulia to just leave the twins and the will alone. Yulia proposes an arranged marriage into a rich russian family] 

SCENE 74 [ Maya returns to the hospital when only Ais is there. She is very protective of him, but Maya tells her she is there to discuss moving Taiyo to a private hospital, and arranging for the best docotrs. She finally accepts the twins in the family, as they proved their loyalty to Taiyo]

SCENE 75 [ During these events Ame is somewhat negelected, she was in university and the twins wanted to protect her from the mess so they kept her away. This gave her mother more influence over her and at 20 she announces that she is getting married surprising everyone. The twins ask her if this is what she really wants, she claims she’s in love and that’s all she really wants – get married, start a family.]

SCENE 76 [ Ame’s wedding is a somber affair, Zane walks her to the aisle but when he first sees her in her wedding dress, in her changing room he has an epiphany. He asks her again if she wants that, she reassures him. He can’t stay for the entire wedding, leaves half way through the reception.]

SCENE 77  [ Aislin is an absolute mess but what keeps her going is her single focus to become the woman Taiyo thought she could be, to make him proud when he wakes up. She visits him every day, talks to him and reminisces about her life and the time when she was 18. As she is now fully involved in politics she finally understands his point of view, thinks back on his words right before she left to L.A – prove me then, show me what kind of woman you’ll become] 

SCENE 78 [ Two years later, it turns out the man Ayame married is an abusive, horrible RUSSIAN fucker who also cheats on her. She calls Zane crying not knowing how to deal with anymore and Zane destroys the fucker, takes her and the baby home with him ]

SCENE 79 [ He is determined to take care of her, but their relationship evolves very fast into something else, something he realizes he was feeling for a while, at least from her wedding ]

SCENE 80 [ She worries about him having to raise another man’s baby and he tells her ‘your father took us in and made us who we are today without having any connection to us, what kind of man would I be if I couldn’t raise the child of the woman I love’. This is a bit of a full circle moment ]

SCENE 81 [ When Taiyo finally wakes up, they go ahead with the surgery, and everything seems to be fine but he has a long recovery ahead of him. Aislin managed to achieve the administrative independence of the Hada domain & old city so that makes him really proud. First thing he divorces Maria ( everything is fine now) ]

SCENE 82 [ Taiyo decides not to further his political career or take Maya’s offer to take over the over the company, instead he supports Aislin in her political career, suggests they move back to her country for now. In Japan  she was treated like a gaijin and it would have been impossible for her to grow further]

SCENE 83 [ In Romania, Zane and Ame start their own company with her as a programmer and him as the engineer, plus his friends Adi and Jan. Aislin pursues politics and she’s brilliant]

SCENE 84 [ One-two years later, Ailsin is on television, during an interview for her campaign. The moderator asks her if she doesn’t think it’s morally gray that she married her adoptive father. She replies ‘I did not marry my father, because he was never that to me. I married my mentor, my hero, the man who made me who I am today’.]