1.  Getting to the mountain, Aine goes to see the God for the first time, she’s changed after the poison
    2.  She returns and she and Tatsu get married ( coz she decides so)
    3.  She sends Zane to coords she got from the server room
    4.  Punishes Rain
    5. Takes Tatsu with her to the counsel meeting, they talk about Yulia and the danger she represents
    6.  We see Rain doing her thing int he forest, meeting puppies
    7. Zane met Maya, he finds out about the storms advancing, decides to take a bath and see
    8.  there is nothing out there, the world ends abruptly, he comes back with the news and takes Maya and her people back in the mountains
    9. Maya tells Tatsu all she learned about the storms and what they are, how they advance
    10.  Tatsu realizes they will reach the mountains eventually but they don’t get to worry about that coz they need to worry about Yulia coming through the tunnels first
    11.  Epic battle with Yulia’s men in the train tunnels
    12.  They lose a lot of people, including Maya, Fei finds Maria and a few other people who managed to escape through the tunnels to follow into the mountains
    13.  They lick their wounds and Tatsu warns them ca they need to get ready for the storms, according to Maya’s data they won’t have long
    14.  Forgot to mention the whole Rainy Zaney marriage thing before the battle
    15. Time skip, Tatsu is sicker and sicker, he’s working on building the shelters some crazy religious people keep sabotaging them
    16.  Aine is out of her mind with worry so she tries to see in Tatsu’s mind, gets flashes of their original life, make her even more panicked
    17.  Zane and Ame are happily married, she’s pregnante
    18.  Stupid people start mutiny, Aine is in the god’s room, Tatsu and Zane have to deal with it, really strong storm seems to start outside their smaller and smaller safe perimeter.
    19.  Tatsu goes to look for Aine, the room opens for him, he meets ‘the god’ respectiv himself
    20.  The god locks them in there as he shows himself to Tatsu, he reveals what Aine already knew, that this is all a simulation
    21.  To talk to ‘himself’ tells Tatsu it’s time to reset, Tatsu probably dies in a very similar way to real life, like blleding from his mouth and eyes
    22.  Aine loses her mind, she brings down the server room, comes out from the ruins, the people are scared, she is overpowered and absolutely ready to murder everyone
    23.  Zane tries to stop her, they both go puff under Ame’s eyes
    24. she faints, gives birth, wakes up with strong visions and Aine’s voice in her head
    25.  they took shelter in the tunnels but since they sabotaged a lot of the project, a lot of the people left die
    26.  She leads the rest through the Deadlands to the D.O.M.E
    27.  She is overpowered, meets her mother, murders her brutaly
    28. 10 years time skip, she is insane, sitting on the ‘trone’ of the D.O.M.E
    29.  Fei and Maria had raised her twins, she barely knows them or cares for anything, she’s plagued with visions and obsessed with finding something
    30.  She realizes what she’s looking for is no longer here, she needs to start over
    31.  kisses her children goodbye and that night kills herself in some messed up way ( maybe fire)
    32.  she wakes up int he D.O.M.E from the same dream as book 1
    33.  She has Aine’s voice in her head still, Aine reminds her of what she is and what she needs to do
    34. She convinces her father to go for the Exodus program just the two of them
    35.  Travels with Tatsu through the tunnels, they basically condamned everyone in the D.O.M.E with powering the train but she doesnt care by this point, Aine showed her its all a simulation
    36.  Get to the Mountains, Tatsu’s really weakened because he never met Aine to keep him alive after his stunt with the bomb and shit
    37.  Turns out, Aine is just in Ame’s head, she’s not alive in this version, she died as a child ( maybe killed herself)
    38.  Tatsu dies, Ame is devastated but determined not to stop, convinces Zane to help her ( Zane probably dreams of his sister too)
    39. Or maybe dies when Ayame woke up restarting the simulation donno we need to plot this
    40. They cross the mountains, find Maya, and Ame realizes all she needs to do is cross the barrier
    41. Leaves Zane, walks inot the water and disappears in the storm
    42. Wakes up in the real world
    43. Walks through the ruins, finds the lab, it opens for her, finds the tanks where the twins are sleeping, she tries to touch, hand goes through
    44. Aine opens her eyes in the tank, she speaks to Ayame but her lips are not moving
    45. she demands she fixes that, Tatsu’s kept alive
    46. It all comes back to Ame, so she takes Aine with her to the real server room where Tatsu’s AI is, Tatsu’s AI convinces Aine to let him go so the server can reboot and Ame can fix the damage
    47. Ayame wakes up a third time, but this time she’s not in the D.O.M.E she’s in a normal room, in a house or some skyscrapper apartment or something, gets up goes straight for the window, the sky is clear blue outside