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SCENE 1 [ Summary: Twin orphans try to steal from foreigner Tatsumi on Lipscani in 1999. He catches them, they get food but run away] SCENE 2 [ Summary: Tatsumi attends an end of Uni party with his then-girlfriend who he dumps] SCENE 3 [ Summary: Returning he finds...

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TOWA Full plot

 Getting to the mountain, Aine goes to see the God for the first time, she's changed after the poison  She returns and she and Tatsu get married ( coz she decides so)  She sends Zane to coords she got from the server room  Punishes Rain Takes Tatsu with her to the...

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TOA – Songs

Song Period Lyrics Live Notes Ziua Vrajitoarelor Indies Zane Rains 1st Festival Written by Zane as a joke after a few puffs for his sister, Aine took it very seriously feel in love with it, decided it should be the opening for their upcoming tour Tream me like your...

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Toa – Timeline

TIMELINE   Tokyo Dome Concert - 14 September Arrival in Romania - 21 September First concert in Romania - 28 September New Music Video - 17 octombrie Revolution Tour Start with Flash Mob in front of the People’s House: 11 Noiembrie

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