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UNIVERSITY LIFE – au tribute

As an exchange student, Ayame meets a “new revolutionary” rock band and falls in love with the guitarist (Zane). Their love story ends badly when she has to return to Japan.

5 years later they get reunited and Zane’s sister, the ToA singer Aine, gets involved with Ayame’s father. She convinces him to start a revolution to reveal the war horror happening in EU.

Lord of the underground

Tatsumi and Anna developed a deadly virus. It escaped from the lab and the area where the university was turned into ground 0. Tatsumi becomes the lord of these lands and keeps the people safe. They have no resources.

Shay is a journalist who went over the border to find out more about Tatsumi’s story. Zane is with the police, he infiltrates undercover to arrest Tatsumi ( considered a terrorist) and save his brother but ends up falling in love with Tatsumi’s daughter.

Syndicate part II

1 year after getting shot Tatsumi Hada wakes up from coma. He brings Zane back to use his skills for the Syndicate with the promise of getting back his fatherly rights.

In Romania Shay can not stay away from his ex lover. Even tho Tatsumi completely lost his memory regarding Shay the two slowly rekindle. 

Ayame is raising her daughter alone and in the background, the Syndicate is trying to get Dimitri elected to stop racism and discrimination.

The ark

Mystical universe. The twins are tribe leaders and Shay convinces his brother to get married against his will with some noble tiny woman.

The wench proves to be Rain that terrified by the prospect of being sold by her mother for power and money she decides to run away with her father.