Character profiles



Name: Shay
Alias: Father, Spirit God
Age: 20 ( Book I) – 25( Book III)
Birthdate: 12th December (day 0)
Birth Place: Not Specified
Belief/Religion: Belives in the “protective spirit of the forest” the one he calls Kage
Profession:  Spiritual Leader, Healer
Hobby: Kage
Sexuality: He is a very sexual being but only when Tatsumi is around. he never really expressed any real interest in anyone else the way he expresses interest in his lover. Having the status he has as spiritual leader and healer in his village he is not very keen on “hooking up”


Gender: male
Height: 1.71 m
Body Type: thin but toned, he is in good physical shape. He trains with his brother sometimes.
Hair ( Color/Style ): Book I Dark crimson,  he keeps it tied in knots and braids or dreads. Book II/III Hair turns white after the poisoning but some strands still remain crimson on the tips.   He keeps it flowy and long.

Eyes: pale gray, orbs show swirls of dark mist when he uses his powers and they turn completely black when he loses control or feels drained completely. White eyes after he gets poisoned and loses his eyesight.
Skin: healthy milky pale. Faint tan marks.
Marks: Pale white tattoos covering his body in symbols.
Birthmarks: None.
Scars: None thanks to his ability to heal and regenerate himself.
Tattoos: The white almost translucent tattoos that cover his sides of his neck all the way to his shoulders and elbows.
Basic Description:
Disabilities: The blindness after Anna poisoned him. He is able to see shadows and faint shapes whenever he is in Tatsumi’s presence. In his vision, he sees everything clear even things that happened in the past.
Fashion: Book I When he arrived in the D.O.M.E he was wearing loose Haremish pants with uneven cut sweater thin knit and a hoodie over it all. In the D.O.M.E he is given a military uniform. When he takes Mother’s place he starts wearing pure white/silver robes.


Personality:  Shay and his brother were born on day 0 and found by Catherine in the God’s chambers. Pretty much since that moment, they have been considered special. Shay had always been told that he and his brother would make a difference in that world and that they were special…and that was pretty much accurate. They started showing signs of special ability pretty young and instead of being considered freaks people actually worshiped them. Catherine had a huge role in that. They were considered blessed and divine and while Zane’s powers were raw and pretty much “what you see is what you get” Shay’s were more subtle…more spiritual than phizical. he has the ability to heal, read minds, control objects with his mind, read the past and sometimes the future too. He has a calm attitude most of the time to the point of leading others to believe he is lacking interest or he is bored. His presence attracts any attention both good and bad sometimes. He sometimes adores playing with people’s minds and sometimes he does it without using his powers.

Likes: nature, coffee, sweet things, profound talks, Alice in Wonderland, sexual game with Tatsu, loves to tease, things that keep his interest, mind games, Go game ( Tatsumi will actually teach him how to play)
Dislikes: boredom, dull people, small talk, stupid mistakes, clumsiness, unecessary meetings, impractical and sentimental things;
Goals: In the D.O.M.E his goal is to decipher the mistery of Day 0 and find the edge of the DeadLands, in the Mountains, all of that is gone out of focus, for a while he feels lost completely adrift, eventually his focus and main goal become protecting Shay as he realizes the dangers of those forest and, finally, he becomes obsessed with deciphering the truth behind the God;
Fears: In the D.O.M.E his main fear was dying trapped in that base, without finding his answers but once he leaves after seeing Shay “die” once, his focus changes entirely on Shay and keeping him alive and safe. The fear of losing Shay is crippling and makes him very irrational sometimes;
Least Outspoken About: His feelings;
Most Outspoken About: His plans/ ideals/ the power of science;
Vernacular ( Way of speaking ): He rarely curses, he is very articulate has a very rich vocabulary, he learns languages very fast so he will learn Romanian very easily, he has a very light accent in English but you can still tell a vague undertone of his Japanese – he switches languages very easily;
Mannerisms ( Behaviour quirks or traits ): He sits very straight, his posture is always immaculate. He taps his lips when he’s in thought or amused, he likes to play with things between his fingers when he thinks or even he relaxes, pinches the bridge of his nose when he’s irritated, his hair falls into his eyes when he’s angry, he has a very peculiar way of smirking when pleased and when not so pleased;
Psychological Condition: He starts off as a very stable, focused man with very clear priorities. After the shock of witnessing Shay nearly die, his mental state starts deteriorating slowly
Aptitudes: Very good at understanding how things work from a glance, strategic thinker, understands all coding languages naturally, he is very good at adapting to the situation;
Morals: He has a very strong sense of justice for the greater good
Positive Characteristics: Strong leadership, out of the charts intelligence, charisma
Negative Characteristics: He is capable of sacrificing almost anything for his plans, he lacks empathy, can’t and won’t build relationships with others;




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