Character profiles




Name: Hada Tatsumi
Alias: The General, Kage ( Aine calls him that in the Mountains)
Age: 39 ( Book I) – 42 ( when he dies)
Birthdate: 12th December
Birth Place: Japan
Belief/Religion: atheist ( later on he questions but never really believes in the mountain god)
Sexuality: Straight
Profession: He is the highest ranking officer in the D.O.M.E following the Old General ( Dimitri Gagarov’s) death and its Head Scientist. While General Hada officially holds the military power, he shares leadership of the D.O.M.E with his wife, Yulia Gagarova, the Governess – the highest administrative power.
He is very skilled in coding and robotics, he is the architect of the vast majority of the core survival systems of the D.O.M.E.
In the Mountains, he learns how to hunt with eagles, he focuses mainly on security and building shelters for the people of the Mountain once Zane returns with Maya, her people, and news of the glitch advancing.


Gender: male
Height: 1.86 m
Body Type: lean but toned, he is in good physical shape
Hair ( Color/Style ): Ink Black, keeps it short on the sides, usually sleeked back unless he’s agitated or angry;
Eyes: coffee brown, really rich intense color
Skin: all D.O.M.E inhabitants are rather pale from lack of vitamin D and sun exposure;
Marks: He has a synthetic lung filtrating system of his own design on his right side ( ribs area), his lungs are so damaged from all the dust and traveling they basically barely work on themselves anymore. He has a birthmark on the back of his neck that looks ‘unnatural’ and a bit too symmetrical to be random, it’s actually a ‘vestige’ of the neural link. He has a few scars from ‘before’ that he doesn’t remember getting and he doesn’t have any tattoos.
Health: His lungs are messed up from his expedition to find the nuclear warhead, he has a self-designed device installed by the Doctor that keeps him ‘functioning. No one but the Doctor knows about it, he was actually only locally sedated during the surgery because he didn’t trust anyone else to supervise the ‘installation’. This divide stops working in the Mountains, but Aine is able to heal him unexplainably. However, though his lungs are working again, his health continues to decline with terrible headaches that get worse and worse over time. Eventually, this kills him.
Fashion: In the D.O.M.E he wears his military uniform that is a light gray has his ranks and is otherwise very practical ( not the ceremonial type, more like the combat type), when he goes out he has a really high tech protection military suit that’s all black; in the Mountains he wears loose black harem type pants and long hoodies, cardigans etc.


Personality: Just like everyone else, he has only vague memories prior to day 0 and his role in the army. He is, however a genius, capable of incredibly complex designs, both in terms of planning paths of action and planning and building technology. While he is highly respected,  his only meaningful relationships are his daughter and Colonel Minowara, his old friend, who acts as his mentor though sometimes even that relationship is one-sided. With his wife, he is cold and calculated as their arrangement is mutually advantageous. He can be a very intimidating man when he chooses to be. He is hyper-focused, incredibly ambitious, and driven. He doesn’t trust others and prefers to get things done himself. While he has a very clear sense of right and wrong, he is not generally empathic and capable of very detached judgment which makes him a great military leader. He hates losing time, idling and small talk, he chooses to preserve his energy from engaging in pointless arguments – he will follow his own agenda regardless. He is extremely possessive as a lover and equally protective, Aine becomes the center of his world and he finds strength rather than weakness in that. He is the wise counsel behind most of Aine’s decisions as Leader in the Mountains.
Likes: Aesthetics, Intelligent Conversations (especially with Aine), Optimized Schedules , Practicality, Japanese things, time saving, teaching his daughter, playing Go with the Colonel. In the Mountains, his range of interests widens somehow out of necessity, he learns to tame a hawk and many other very unlikely things, but most of all he appreciates the long, quiet nights in the temple alone with Aine, learns to admit there is beauty in lack of technology;
Dislikes: boredom, dull people, small talk, stupid mistakes, clumsiness, unnecessary meetings, impractical and sentimental things;
Vernacular ( Way of speaking ): He rarely curses, he is very articulate has a very rich vocabulary, he learns languages very fast so he will learn Romanian very easily, he has a very light accent in English but you can still tell a vague undertone of his Japanese – he switches languages very easily;
Mannerisms ( Behaviour quirks or traits ): He sits very straight, his posture is always immaculate. He taps his lips when he’s in thought or amused, he likes to play with things between his fingers when he thinks or even he relaxes, pinches the bridge of his nose when he’s irritated, his hair falls into his eyes when he’s angry, he has a very peculiar way of smirking when pleased and when not so pleased;
Morals: He has a very strong sense of justice for the greater good
Positive Characteristics: Strong leadership, out of the charts intelligence, charisma
Negative Characteristics: He is capable of sacrificing almost anything for his plans, he lacks empathy sometimes, can’t and won’t build pointless relationships with others;



On day Zero, he woke up in the Underground Shelters of the Military base having no memory other than his dog tags and rank. He is quick to piece together what is happening and warns the first explorers against going outside. Upon the return of only one member of the scout party who later dies, Tatsumi starts planning the D.O.M.E, realizing the only way to emerge the Shelters is to have survival systems operational above ground.
He was 19 on day Zero and works on the D.O.M.E project for the next 3 years, with the full support of General Gagarov who assigns his daughter, Yulia to oversee it. Tatsumi and Yulia become involved early in their project and by the time construction starts, she is already pregnant with their daughter, Ayame.

As construction begins it’s necessary to have Scouts go out for materials to use with the massive 3d printer modules the shelter was equipped with. Tatsumi and his best friend, Masaki Minowara each lead their own scouting teams though there are voices, Yulia included, against the D.O.M.E’s architect risking his life outisde. Tatsumi is not exactly a man fit to follow orders, even at 22 so he does his own thing regardless. During this time a number of refugees are found by they all have the same problem, they don’t remember anything further than 3 years ago.

Once the D.O.M.E is complete, the survivors of the Shelters and the refugees are all organized under the military order of General Gagarov who believes in equal repartition of resources and every member of their new society having a very clear, exact role. Following military law, those in military service can rank up and Tatsumi rapidly becomes the General’s second in command.

He is seen as the D.O.M.E’s hero and even raised to superhuman rank amongst civilian popular role. During the years, he continues to lead scouting parties while using what he finds to improve the D.O.M.E security and life support systems.

Before General Gagarov dies, his daughter Yulia expects to inherit the leadership position, but instead, the old man promotes Tatsumi to the rank of General on his death bed, and addresses the people of the D.O.M.E informing them of leadership changes once he dies: Administrative to his daughter, Yulia and Military Leadership to Tatsumi, who he sees as his own son.

Tatsumi sees his daughter, Ayame as the one who will take his work further, so he makes her his assistant at a rather young age, because the girl is brilliant. While his relationship with his wife had long lost any sort of feelings beyond the practical, he does love his daughter and their bond is a really strong one. Other than Ayame, once the Old General is dead and he takes command, Tatsumi only fully trusts his old friend, Masaki.



Artificial lung

He has modifications on the side of his right ribs, to aid his lungs that had been permanently damaged from his extended trips. The filter is designed by him, medical-grade metal and works as a filtering system

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He wears the light gray military uniform in the D.O.M.E but in the mountains his style changes completely. He wears exclusively black, layered clothes that contrast Shay’s robes.