1976 12 Dec – Hada Tatsumi is born.

1983 – At 7 yo parents die in a tragic card accident. His older sister Maya ( 22 years old ) takes custody of him.

1989 03. Aug – Twins are born.

1994 – Tatsumi¬† ( age 18 ) goes to study at university in St. Petersburg under Dimitri’s mentorship.

1995 08.March – Ayame is born.

1995 – He refuses to take responsibility and marry Yulia, he moves to Bucharest Romania to continue his studies . He chooses Romania randomnly out of Eastern Europe.

1999 – He meets Aine and Zane. He is in his last uni year and 5 days before leaving to Japan he is mugged by the twins.

1999 – He adopts the twins and returns to Japan.

2000 Spring – In spring he sees his biological daughter for the first time ( Ayame is 5).

2000 Summer – He moves with the twins in the estate and the kids start tuttoring.

2000 Christmas – He brings Ayame home for the first time.

2001 Spring – Twins start school , they are almost 12.

2006 January – Aine sees Tatsu and a lady in a very explicit position . She hears her saying the line “Yes sir”

2006 Summer – Twins just turn 17. They are in highschool and visit Romania for Marius’ wedding with Simona. Aine hears Simona saying “Yes Sir ” to Tatsumi and Aine starts plotting. She goes in Tatsumi’s room after the wedding and asks him about the “Yes Sir line” . They have their first fuck.

2007 Spring – The twins Graduate highschool and Tatsu decides to send Aine in LA at UCLA. Zane stays in Japan.

2007 Christmas – Tatsumi cancels Aine’s plane ticket to return home.

2010 Autumn – Zane come to Romania for one year exchange student / exp. Meets Adi Jan etc.

2011 – Aine extends her stay in US for master’s degree.

2013 Summer – Aine 24 comes back home. DADDY I AM HOMEEEE ( Tatsu is 37).

2014 Winter – Accident Tatsumi Aine

2015 Marchish – Ttasumi collapses and he is admited to the hospital.

2015 Nov РAyame gets married and moves toa  different city.

2016 Aug – Ayame gives birth to a girl .

2017 – Ayame calls Zane crying that her husband had been cheating on her. Zane take Ayame and the baby with him.

2018 – Tatsumi gets surgery and wakes up all healthy . He gives up his political career and decides to support his daughter / future wife.

2018 – Zane and Ayame ( and Tatsumi from the shadows ) create a new robotics company.