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BOOK ONE – fire starter 

Maybe we can add a very short description

sDay 0 when it all started


  • Day 0 is basically the day the bombs fell..also the day the twins are born (dobno if they are found on the day 0)
  • On day 0 everyone ( all the characters we know/meet) woke up with severe long term amnesia: they know their names, professions, skills, relationships, general world knowledge, even the date but they don’t remember anything distinct about the past – world events, war, economy, anything;
  • In a mountain city, all technology stops working and Caitrin is the only person whose phone chimes for a moment displaying a message with coordinated for a place deep hurried in the forest. She follows the coordinates convincing David, her husband and a few more ppl to join. They find shelter there. They find the room with Kage and in the room Caitrin find the twins;
  • The server room is an underground room with a heavy unknown metal type of door that has a security scan/system. It only opens for Caitrin and no one else can join her;
  • In that room she is given instructions on how to set up a new shelter/ community, gather refugees, etc etc;
  • Catherine is a nurse or something (I see her as a caregiver) so she can tell the kids are 2 or 3 days old when she finds them . Raises them as her own as she feels ca they are her own  – there is really a striking similarity in their looks which adds to the mystery;
  • Following the instructions she receives weekly, she becomes the community’s ‘spiritual’ leader as she interprets his presence as that of ‘god’;
  • While people in the mountains build up as a spiritual community they are not religious in the sense of blind worship, offerings, it’s more a sense of nature, going back to your roots, fellowship – they’re all a big family;
  • In the Military Base, they all woke up with severe memory loss on day 0, there was chaos and confusion at first, some people speculating they are part of an experiment or were locked there by the enemy;
  • They find the shelter door locked with warnings of severe radiation outside;
  • A small group decides not to believe it and venture outside, they are caught by a storm – the first recorded, and only two of them return to tell the story and die a few days later;
  • The people in the shelters are left with the knowledge of the outside world dangers and start organizing and planning accordingly – the shelters are well equipped with everything they would need: advanced 3d printers, suits, drones and other tech expected to be found in a military base;
  • A focus team is formed to figure out solutions for eventually leaving the shelters while at the same time people start getting organized based on ranks and other details they remember;
  • On day 0 Tatsumi is 18 and Yulia is 25, she is a higher rank though her position is administrative ( she has no military training);
  • It’s obvious from the start that Tatsumi is their local genius as right from day 0 he starts fixing issues they deal with so his position as head engineer comes naturally;
  • Ame is born 4 years after day 0, in the Shelters;
  • Ame was 6 when they are done building the D.O.M.E and can ‘emerge’ 


In the Mountains

  • ‘Kage’, the God is actually slightly radioactive – works on an atomic source of energy that keeps the servers powered up;
  • For this reason, Mother feels sick after every visit and Aine heals her;
  • When Aine leaves, she dies because she keeps going to pray even though she no longer has Aine’s protection against the effects of the radiation inside the room;
  • Catherine really does believe that Kage is ‘god’ in a new, more modern sense of the word, she doesn’t attribute him to the idea of a computer or AI because the technology used in the server room is way beyond the current technology, the server themselves look smooth and emit a purplish light;
  • Unlike Cathy, Aine can spend unlimited amounts of time in the room;
  • Aine starts calling Tatsumi Kage after they return to the mountains and he visits the shrine for the first time, it’s revealed in the last book, right as he dies that Kage was actually the ‘God’s’ name;
  •  Tatsumi himself is never really able to enter the room until the Council kidnaps’ Aine to force her to open the shrine;
  • When the doors open for him, he finds both Aine and the traitors dead and its obvious Aine killed them before she died herself;
  • Kage ( the AI) forces him to stay in the room and listen to him, he tells him its all a simulation, one running suboptimally. Tatsumi sees his own signature in the code, like he did with the bombs;
  • This is why Kage ( the human) loses his mind, he merges with the AI and starts killing everyone, his intention to reset the simulation;
  • Zane tries to stop him, but Kage kills him too ( using the ‘shadows’ that are now revealed to be glitches)
  • Fei, Jan and Adrian? maybe even Maya(?) destroy the server room while this is happening, in an attempt to stop Kage;
  • As the shrine/ server room is destroyed, Tatsumi simply glitches out of existence, disintegrates into lines of code and the sky starts ‘falling’ immediately after, glitching away as well, revealing the blue skies over the Mountains had always been just an illusion projected over the shield turning the mountains and forest into a microclimate of its own;
  • From this point onward, everything starts to die in the Mountains as well, and they are forced to go back to the deadlands and take over the dome to survive;
  • Ayame wakes up and realizes she is late for her class with her father.
  • Short scene with twins approaching.
  • A video filmed by a drone shows images of the silhouettes approaching the DOME . The council wonders what to do about it. Tatsumi suggests that they should welcome them.
  • The General and a small team of solders go out to greet the newcomers. There is a storm brewing and a lot of dusts. The soldiers panick and start shooting. In the commotion one soldier dies by Zane’s hand.
  • CHAPTER ONE – We see Tatsumi analyzing the aftermath of that meeting. He is obsessed with the daggers he saw burning in Zane’s hands. His first interaction with Aine.
  • Family dinner Ayame Tatsumi and Yulia we see Ayame asking for permission to see the guests. She is denied. Talk between gagarov (will become Masaki) and Tatsu where the general lets his friend know what he thinks about the newcommers.
  • Ayame sneaks into the lab to see the twins, she gets scared by zane and caught by her dad. page 42

BOOK TWO – Dream Weaver

Maybe we can add a very short description

  • ; Tatsumi is dying since his artificial lung does not work in the Forest
  • Aine has changed since waking up, she takes her role of the goddess and her first act is to go see the god, ask for a solution to save Tatsumi
  • People from the D.O.M.E are having a hard time adjusting to their new home, Masaki acts as their leader seeing as Tatsumi isn’t really willing or available 
  • Aine heals Tatsumi, they get married
  • Ame gets her punishment – half of year of banishment
  • Zane, Fei and Jan are on a mission to find the thing Aine saw in her mission, turns out it’s a base, like the one around the D.O.M.E led by Hada Maya
  • With the General’s help, Aine realizes they need a plan to gather numbers from the scattered ‘tribes’ of the mountains in order to be able to fight Yulia when she regroups and send people for them;
  • Zane returns with Tatsumi’s sister and the few people she still had alive in the secondary military base;
  • Zane doesn’t agree with Ame’s banishment, he starts bringing her food and they semi bond, she gets hurt at some point and he goes against his sister’s word brings her to the village;
  • Tatsumi’s headaches get worse and worse, not knowing how to deal with them, Aine tries to look into his ‘mind’ by getting high together;
  • She starts seeing glimpses of the original life;
  • Aine makes Zane bond with Ame to show the whole village that she is under his protection, this was meant as a temporary measure;
  • Aine cannot see the end of Tatsumi’s original life, she knows he died but doesn’t know how, it’s driving her out of her mind;
  • Yulia attacks and they need to fight them in the tunnels, Tatsumi and Zane devise a plan to collapse part of the tunnels to stop the D.O.M.E from advancing into their territories;
  • Maria manages to sneak in during the attacks, Fei finds her;

TIME SKIP ( 3 years?)

  • Ayame is pregnant with Zane, their temporary marriage turned out to grow into real, true love;
  • Storms are coming closer and closer so the only solution Tatsumi finds is to start reinforcing the part of the tunnel that goes under the mountains to use as shelter;
  • A part of the people frown on this decision and keep sabotaging his work;
  • He overworks trying to fix this but his health is worse and worse;
  • Desperate, Aine begs the ‘God’ for guidance;
  • In her absence, there is some sort of mutiny inside the village that Zane with his core team of Jan, Fei and Adi manage to calm;
  • A sick Tatsumi takes her place in dealing with the people and calming down the spirits;
  • As soon as she comes back from spending more and more time in the server room Tatsumi collapses and her ‘visions’ becomes true, he dies;
  • Losing her mind at this, she destroyes the server room, their God and then wrecks havoc on the village;
  • Only her brother can possibly stop her, but she is so out of her mind, she kills him in the process;
  • When she realizes what she’s done, she drops to the ground with him in her arms and with one air shattering scream they are covered in flames and only ashes are left;
  • Under the collapsing pieces of sky, their ashes are taken by the wind and Ayame drops to the floor, bleeding – babies are coming early.


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BOOK three – Dream Weaver

Maybe we can add a very short description

  • Over 10 years later, a 30 year old Rain reigns over what is left of the world. She is cold and distant, cruel when she needs to be very much like her father. She has traveled and sent scouts to all the remaining territories but had never found the Exit the Dreamweaver tells her about in dreams almost every night. She begs him to let her see Zane and sometimes he does…most times he shows her what the consequences of her failing would be.

  • Her children barely know her and everyone fears her, even Fei and Maria but with the power of the Dreamweaver she is now nearly untouchable.

  • The spices she took over the years put their mark on her mind and her body, she is sick and running out of time so she overdoses on spice and all she sees is a sea of black and she is slowly drowning. Waking up she realizes the one place she didn’t look are the flooded lower levels of the city. Flooded with tar, black water.

  • She finally has a moment of humanity where she embraced her children and leaves Fei to lead as she descends into the dark water. Some try to stop her but her power has grown immense with the overdose on spices. No one can touch her as she is swollen by the corruption.

  • She wakes up in a city in ruin, the landscape is the same as that surrounding the City she grew in but there is no sky, just patches of black. There is no life or even air left. Just dust and ash, everything is charred and burned. But somehow she knows where to go as she struggles through the ruins.

  • She finds the underground laboratory and at the entrance the computers scan her…and the doors open. She sees Zane and Shay, asleep in their tanks and when she tries to touch her hand goes through. She is a hologram.

  • The room dissolves around her into lines of code and in the white room where she usually dreamed of the DreamWeaver, she sees her father. He is glitching, his code corrupt but still has enough left to instruct her on what she needs to do. She was the foolproof mechanism, she alone can alter and reconstruct his code to reboot the simulation. This all makes sense to her, like she always knew it and she starts working, but deep within the corrupted code she finds signs of regeneration. Shay had managed to transcend his power of biological regeneration into that of fixing Kage’s code slowly. Seeing this she closes her eyes and smiles, understanding that Shay had never stopped loving her father. And she reboots the simulation, knowing with that all her memories of this looping life she lived a thousand times will be gone.

    NOTE: The plot as it stands now is too short for one book, the way we could work around this is if we gave more ample space to the visions Aine gives her, of the other versions of this same projection ( like have chapters where she just dreams of other endings)  OR if we actually started where we left off, aprox, like a few months later where she leads the people through the Deadlands and actually SEE her take the D.O.M.E before we do the time skip.

    Prologue: Rain wakes up in a whole new world – a modern room, windows open, curtains drawn in the breeze and the sky outside is pure, summer blue.

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